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#10695714 Feb 20, 2015 at 06:10 AM
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Your Name: Kane

Age: 21

Character Class/Spec (as well as any relevant offspecs): Fury/Arms

Character Name (and armory link): Thunderkrieg -

RealID: Xiphias#1787

Screenshot of your UI (preferably during raid): - This is an older screenshot from highmaul, I don't take very many. - This is what I've setup just yesterday, using Dasmia's Weakaura strings.

While not a huge factor in whether we accept you or not, it's good to see how others set up their interfaces and how 'clean' they keep their view. Plus, we some UI lovers.

/played on the character you are applying on, as well as any major previous characters (major being 60+ days): 66 Days

Do you have Ventrilo as well as a working headset/microphone: Working ventrilo and microphone/headphones
Do you have an aversion to talking in any shape or form: Negative
Do you have DBM or some other raid timers installed and in use? Bigwigs.
Do you use WeakAuras to track abilities during a fight that are relevant to you? Yes, as shown in UI screenshots.

Previous Raiding Guilds (include time frame, progression of the guild that you partook in, and any positions held or responsibilities had): Untold on Area 52, Siege of Orgrimmar, Highmaul, BRF. Loot council, elected by fellow raiders.

Reasons for leaving above mentioned guilds: Guild I am currently with has consistent issues with under performing players that lack the initiative to improve. Officer's seem complacent in removing or replacing these players for the betterment of the raid group. Some of the players in question are officers themselves, which doesn't help. Been with this guild since August/September of 2014.

What do you want and expect of Space Race: A strong raiding environment with a side of good times.

What can Space Race expect from you: The drive to succeed and improve. Ability to take constructive criticism.

Provide any relevant WarcraftLog parses:

If you do not have any relevant parses, you will be asked to come to a Sunday alt raid so our Officers can see how you perform as well as act in a raid.

Can you consistently meet our raid times?
Tuesday 10pm - 1am (y/n): Y
Wednesday 10pm - 1am (y/n): Y
Thursday 10pm - 1am (y/n): Y

Over a two-month period, how often will you need to miss a raid so we can account for this in our raid attendance and progression plans: Barring any medical emergencies I shouldn't miss anything.

Who is your favorite of the nine companions in the Fellowship of the Ring and why? Gimli. Have you see that sweet beard?

If you would like to make any additional comments in your application, do so here: Obviously Horde currently, but have no reservations in going Alliance.
#10696517 Feb 20, 2015 at 10:15 AM
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Logs, and gear look good and on par, just for curiosity's sake, is there a reason you chose Stormrage to apply to? Or just stumbled across it?
#10696611 Feb 20, 2015 at 10:39 AM
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A guildmate moved over to join Nocturnal Lunacy, and my significant other is wanting to go back to Alliance (I've always been horde), with Stormrage being the counter population wise to Area 52 (In addition to being a PvE server) it seemed like a solid choice.

Something I should've added in the comments, I'm still getting all the finer points of warrior down, always looking to improve. This is my first tier of content as melee, was always a hunter or mage until 6.0.
#10698461 Feb 20, 2015 at 05:56 PM
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Everything looks good, some of the parses are a tad low, but the majority look great, I'm sure you'd fit right in, Dorkman will be around in a bit to approve or deny the trial/acceptance.
#10698538 Feb 20, 2015 at 06:21 PM
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Yeah there are fights I have to improve on quite a bit. Morale has been low and drama high lately, would say that doesnt help at all.

Heres to hoping for a fresh start and a new home.
#10699447 Feb 21, 2015 at 12:22 AM
Guild Master
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We will hopefully be putting together a normal run on Sunday just to get Blackhand runes and tier pieces to complete set bonuses if you able to join. Will be starting at our normal raid time of 10pm EST. If not, get in touch with one of the officers on Tuesday before raid and we can get you in for a trial.
#10699514 Feb 21, 2015 at 12:57 AM
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Roger. Already on Stormrage.
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