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#10732684 Feb 27, 2015 at 03:27 PM
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Your Name:


Character Class/Spec (as well as any relevant offspecs):
MW/WW Monk

Character Name (and armory link):


Screenshot of your UI (preferably during raid):

/played on the character you are applying on, as well as any major previous characters (major being 60+ days):
71 days on monk, 284 days played total

Do you have Ventrilo as well as a working headset/microphone:

Do you have an aversion to talking in any shape or form:

Do you have DBM or some other raid timers installed and in use?
DMB w/ vem voice pack

Do you use WeakAuras to track abilities during a fight that are relevant to you?

Previous Raiding Guilds (include time frame, progression of the guild that you partook in, and any positions held or responsibilities had)<facepalm>, 4/7M exp with them,

Reasons for leaving above mentioned guilds:
took a break from wow until BFR came out

What do you want and expect of Space Race:
i expect a friendly community with players working towards progression and clearing current content while making friends along the way

What can Space Race expect from you:

Provide any relevant WarcraftLog parses:
none available

Can you consistently meet our raid times?
Tuesday 10pm - 1am (y/n):y
Wednesday 10pm - 1am (y/n):y
Thursday 10pm - 1am (y/n):y

Over a two-month period, how often will you need to miss a raid so we can account for this in our raid attendance and progression plans:
hardly ever

Who is your favorite of the nine companions in the Fellowship of the Ring and why?
not a fan sorry =X

If you would like to make any additional comments in your application, do so here:
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#10732696 Feb 27, 2015 at 03:30 PM
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Your logs if you're interested. Have had our healer specialist extraordinaire look them over and he's happy, so we're happy.
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