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#10782607 Mar 10, 2015 at 05:17 PM
Reposting because I missed the template the first time

Your Name: Josh

Age: 35

Character Class/Spec (as well as any relevant offspecs): DK / 684 UH and Blood

Character Name (and armory link): Spacemunky

RealID: Space#1715

Screenshot of your UI (preferably during raid):

While not a huge factor in whether we accept you or not, it's good to see how others set up their interfaces and how 'clean' they keep their view. Plus, we some UI lovers.

/played on the character you are applying on, as well as any major previous characters (major being 60+ days): 189 Days on my DK alone..dont want to know on my vanilla/BC toons

Do you have Ventrilo as well as a working headset/microphone: YES
Do you have an aversion to talking in any shape or form: NO
Do you have DBM or some other raid timers installed and in use? YES
Do you use WeakAuras to track abilities during a fight that are relevant to you? YES

Previous Raiding Guilds (include time frame, progression of the guild that you partook in, and any positions held or responsibilities had): Gentlemen and Scholars 5/7 M HM, 9/10 H BRF. I was the main tank

Reasons for leaving above mentioned guilds: Lack of raid leadership/progression

What do you want and expect of Space Race: Solid organization and progression

What can Space Race expect from you: A reliable and mature player who contributes 100% whenever I am in the raid

Provide any relevant WarcraftLog parses:

If you do not have any relevant parses, you will be asked to come to a Sunday alt raid so our Officers can see how you perform as well as act in a raid.

Can you consistently meet our raid times?
Tuesday 10pm - 1am (y/n): Y
Wednesday 10pm - 1am (y/n): Y
Thursday 10pm - 1am (y/n): Y

Over a two-month period, how often will you need to miss a raid so we can account for this in our raid attendance and progression plans: 0-1

Who is your favorite of the nine companions in the Fellowship of the Ring and why? Not a LOTR fan, more GoT myself.
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#10783180 Mar 10, 2015 at 07:40 PM · Edited 4 years ago
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We'd be happy to bring you in for a little friendly UH DK competition for a Mythic spot and an experienced back up tank in case one of ours has to miss. It looks like you have already transferred, so if you're interested hit up an officer in game tonight before 10 EST.

I promise you can like LotR and ASoIaF!
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